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  • The title must be either free or at least 50% reduced.

  • We expect the title to be the best of quality. No formatting or grammatical errors.

  • We expect a certain minimum length from the titles. Fiction should be at least 120 pages long. Nonfiction about 80 pages, cookbooks 50 pages, children's books 20 pages.

  • We can only promote the same title after 2 months.
  • Please note that the following rules apply to non-fiction:
    • The same title of the categories "nonfiction", "health, body and mind" and "nutrition" may be advertised every 60 days.
    • The eBooks of the category "nonfiction," "health, body and mind" and "nutrition" by the same author may only be advertised with a 10-day interval.
    • We only record a maximum of 2 "non-fiction book" / "nutrition" / "health, body and spirit" per day in our newsletter. The book of the day app allows a maximum of 10 eBooks per month!
    • Non-fiction eBooks, Health, Body and Mind, Nutrition without a valid ASIN will not be accepted.

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