The Monsterinos and the Chattering Rabbits Clan: Siblings: the best gift parents can give their children. (English Edition)

desde Patrick A. Meade

Once upon a time, in the Forest of the Fireflies . . .
The Chattering Rabbits Clan shut itself generations ago avoiding contact with other species, especially with humans. But when his brother Tailtin is injured, Herbitony understands that the only way to save him is to ignore their old ways and find someone he can trust.

As fate would have it, the Monsterino family decides to leave the capital and moves to Dandelion Town, a quiet rural idyll situated on the edge of a vast ancient forest. Despite not being too keen on leaving everything they knew, the Monsterino children would soon find themselves discovering the surroundings and involved in an adventure like the ones they have never had before.

Will Herbitony manage to help his brother before it’s too late? And will the brave little rabbit be allowed to return to the clan after challenging its traditions?
Categoría: Infantil, Educación, idiomas y tutoriales
desde 11. Marzo 2023
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